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'Kindred' - exhibition Moonah Arts Centre, workshop program Moonah Arts Centre, Multicultural Hub, The Longhouse Kickstart Arts, TAS

Takani Clark and Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie

Exhbition artists:

Noah Johnson, Nicole O'Loughlin, Julia Drouhin, Allan Mansell, Jovitta (Ana) Nkoso, Xiyue (Cici) Zhang, Mostafa Faraji, Karin Chan, Corinna Howell, Priya Vunaki, Lillian Wheatley, Takani Clark, Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie, Takira Simon-Brown.

Performance artists:

Adonay (Marra dona) Tsegazeab, Ipshita Pratap, Emma Hamasaki, Risa Muramatsu Ray, Lisa Shui Fern, Kattleya.

Workshop program artists:

Adelphie He, Yumemi Hiraki, Joshua Santospirito, Nunami Sculthorpe-Green, Janice Ross, Maira Rodriguez, Pratik Vhatkar, Eri Mulloolly-Hill Konishi, Lemlem Atakilt Yigzaw, Elsa Grebremedhin

Kindred is a collaborative arts project, which centres the practices of Aboriginal and culturally diverse artists and practitioners from across the island of lutruwita.

Kindred has four intertwining parts, which act to explore and critique the effectiveness of initiatives like Harmony Week in creating community connection and celebrating cultural diversity in contemporary Australia:

  • An exhibition of new work from Tasmanian artists from the Aboriginal and CALD communities created in response to prompts about harmony and multiculturalism,

  • an interactive, collaborative community artwork,

  • a public program of creative skill exchange workshops facilitated by local artists and creatives, and

  • a public mural.


Kindred seeks to expand our collective knowledge; to recognise and value the differences that we each have while celebrating the thread that unifies us.

Supported by Arts Tasmania, Moonah Arts Centre, THRIVE women's grants, Nayri Niara, Multicultural Council of Tasmania and Kickstart Arts.

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