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stories of home

AL-GADRIE_2022_stories of home 2_acrylic

Devonport Regional Gallery - Oct 2022

Stories of Home explores individual and collective experiences of belonging and home. Community members from across Tasmania were invited to share their own personal memories of home/homeland/hometown and what feeling at home means to them.


Using these personal memories as prompts, Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie responded with visual artworks which capture moments that she found evocative in the memories. Each piece also incorporates some of the writing that community members shared.


Memories are always fragmentary and sometimes fractured; memories of home can be even more so - the layering of migration, movement, place and people creating ephemerality in how ‘home’ is interpreted.


Viewed together, individual stories of home intersperse and overlap, voices merging together to create a collective story of home. Whether it is specific to a place or places, transient and undefined or perhaps tethered to the people around us - home is something that is cherished and sought by everyone.


An interactive wall of mini zines invites the audience to participate and add their own memories of home to build on the collective story. Touch that art - gently take zines off the wall and rifle through their pages.

Gratitude and a very special thanks goes to all of the people who were generous in sharing their memories for this work: Moya Costello, Rebecca and Kate Elphinstone, Domin Hou, Erin Linhart, Eve Williams, Mhairi Revie, Kelly Slater.

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