mak(h)er mag

mak(h)er mag is an ongoing craftivist project that explores the work of creative womxn (in which the ‘x’ serves to represent that this zine celebrates all people who identify as women, as well as those who are gender fluid/non-binary) who incorporate social enterprise, ethical practice &/or feminism into their work, centreing womxn in an attempt to disrupt the dominant discourse which favours the voices of men (particularly white, cis, hetero men). Each issue raises funds for a different charitable organisation. Please contact me directly to purchase issues.

issue 1 (autumn 2017)

donation: Support, Help Empowerment

featured: Flos Botanical Studio, Lazy Peach Clothing, Hag Club, Fiona Steele

issue 2 (winter 2017)

donations: Wombat Rescue Tasmania

featuring: Close Knit, Hoodoo Loulou, Laura E. Kennedy


issue 3 (spring 2017)

donation: Multicultural Council of Tasmania

featured: Emily Eliza Jewellery, Rosery Apparel, Women's Business Tasmania, Tassie Nannas

issue 5 (autumn/winter 2018)

donation: International Women's Development Agency

featured: Laura Du Ve, Hilde Atalanta, Hope Suds, Fem&ist Films

issue 4 (summer 2017-18)

donation: Days for Girls

featured: Tal Fitzpatrick, Sparkke Change

issue 6 (autumn/winter 2019)

donation: Children's Ground

featured: The Social Outfit, Bring a Plate, Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival, Saaka

I pay my respects to the muwinina people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waters where I live and work.

I pay my deepest respect to their elders - past, present and emerging and I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

©2020 Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie