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Curated by Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie for Winter Light Festival

Salamanca Arts Centre, Aug 2022


Lineage was a series of skill exchanges and performances centring the practices of local lutruwita-based artists with global perspectives and influences. The program explored the music, dance and art forms of culturally diverse artists, spanning the traditional to the contemporary and everything that happens in between.


Lineage created a platform for culturally and linguistically diverse artists to share their art forms in a mainstream festival, rather than in a specific event focussed on multiculturalism. This is significant as it creates space for culturally diverse art forms to be included as part of the creative landscape in lutruwita.


Artists: Joanne Gao and Sally Chen
Guided by the ancient time system of China – solar terms – this nurturing event is a farewell to winter and welcome to spring. Explore the serenity, precision and ritual of tea brewing while melodic tunes of traditional Chinese instrument, Qin, soundtrack your experience.


Artists: Ipshita Pratap, Levanya De Zoysa, Ehsan Zabihi and Sina Tarkesh Esfahani

Experience sounds and movement that are steeped in tradition – a world stage in nipaluna (Hobart).


Artists: RC40 and Marra Dona

Witness the power of fusion with two of Hobart’s up and coming rappers blending language, culture and classic hip hop beats to tell stories in a new way.


BOLLYWOOD DANCE with Rhythmz Bollywood

High energy, classic Bollywood dance from nipaluna (Hobart) Bollywood dance institution, Rhythmz Bollywood. Workshop participants have the opportunity to perform during Winter Light opening night event.

BON ODORI with Eri Mulloolly-Hill Konishi and Yumemi Hiraki

Learn the traditional Japanese community dance, bon odori – which is danced at Obon festivals across the country. Attend the first workshop to learn the dance and then perform as a group as part of the opening night where everyone will be invited to gather beneath the Obon lanterns to dance bon odori with the community.

OBON LANTERN MAKING with Yumemi Hiraki

August is a special time for Japanese people as they celebrate ‘Obon’, a cultural tradition where ancestors come back from the other world. Lanterns are displayed as guides for them to find their way home to their families.

Obon is a time to remember and honour family members that have passed away, while gathering with the ones that are still with you. Participants in the lantern workshops are welcomed to dedicate their lantern to someone. They were invited to place a picture, writing or artwork on their lanterns in honour of them.

Lanterns will be displayed as an installation in the Salamanca Arts Centre courtyard and celebrated in the opening night with bon odori.

Image credits: Muthu Guna

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