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dawit dersolign


New works by Dawit Dersolign

Curated by Sharifah Emalia Al-Gadrie and Nadia Refaei for Constance ARI

Good Grief Studios, Dec 2022

Dawit Dersolign doesn't call himself an artist. As a child, he experimented with art

making, then returned to it for a few years as a teenager living in a refugee camp in Sudan. Beginning work at Life Raft Tasmania in 2017 presented Dawit with an array of waste materials, and creative possibilities, that prompted the work he makes today. Dawit’s works are colourful, playful and decorative – and often functional. This exhibition presents mixed media sculptural, 2D and interactive works made from reclaimed industrial waste such as pool noodles, Christmas baubles, thermal blankets, packing cardboard and even recycled industrial glue.

Catalogue (English/Amharic)

Images: Cassie Sullivan

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